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On Line Learning
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Start Time: 10:00 AM End Time: 11:00 AM

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,


IT looks like we will be going to on line learning for the rest of the year.  More information will follow here and on Schoology. 


The email addresses for your teachers is as follows:


1. Mr. Mancia - hom4350@lausd.net

2. Mr. Albert - jma6601@lausd.net

3. Mr. Guerrero - pguer1@lausd.net

4. Mr. Norman - wpn9409@lausd.net

5. Mr. Robertson - msr9219@lausd.net

6. Ms. Krofta - jswirck@lausd.net

7. Ms. Clark - sac9683@lausd.net

8. Ms. Rojas - mmadr1@lausd.net


9. Mr. Koch - prk5284@lausd.net

10. Ms. Dwiggins - sad9711@lausd.net


--We will also working through email,  Schoology and (possibly) Google Docs and or Edgenuity and Khan Academy.


Thank you